The Experince

I do things a bit differently.

Take some time to read through my values and what to expect to see if we’re the right fit for each other. I would much rather you go with another photographer in order for you to get the best possible experience, because the experience you have with your photographer strongly reflects how you feel about your photos later on.

I want us both to be having a celebratory dance party from working together— that’s what you deserve from a photographer. 🤗💕

Core Values


I want to get to know you what your dreams of the future are, the people you love, what you enjoy doing and so much more. Knowing these aspects of you and your loved ones help to make sure we capture you perfectly. Each session is planned to make sure you have portraits that represent your lifestyle. That's why I highly suggest hoping on a call or meeting me in person. 😉


I want you to trust me completely. So that's why I am so upfront about what I offer here. I want to make sure your whole experience is stress free and fun! That's why I highly suggest getting your hair and makeup done. 90% of clients choose this route. I want you to feel confident and comfortable. When you feel that way it helps to make great photos! 


I provide a unique and fun experience during every session. My goal is to help you feel beautiful and confident the entire time you are in front the camera. After your session we offer timeless albums & products you will get to cherish for a lifetime. This is a once in a lifetime moment you don’t want to miss out! 

The Process

01. True To You

My style is heavily focused on making you feel like the most beautiful person ever! During your session I will talk to you like a friend and guide you through every single pose. Be prepared for lot's of encouragement because I am a #HYPEWOMAN. In order to make you feel more comfortable we always find time before your session to go over the details of your session. These details include locations, outfits, vibe and your hair and makeup. That's all the fun stuff! I will never leave you feeling awkward and not knowing what to do that’s not a vibe. Even though I could just show up to your session and just be your photographer, that’s just not who I am. This is going to be an afternoon full of laughter with a new friend, capturing your essence and always making sure you look your best.

02. Connection & Trust

Connection and trust foster all sorts of good vibes. I'm not a vendor and you're not just my client. We're friends. It's cheesy and can be weird, but I get really invested in my clients’ lives because I really do care so much about you guys. I want to become more than just a photographer to you. Let's focus on creating together rather than just 'getting photos done'. I stress the importance of connection because I want to make sure you are having a good time. My hope is by the end you are going on about how easy, fun and beautiful you felt. Trust me, getting photos taken doesn’t have to suck or be awkward in any way, and I will make sure you have a really fun time.

03. Essence is key

I am down to capture whatever vision you have in your mind. Whether this is your wedding day and you want classy couple portraits, or even if you want pictures with your horses since you are graduating from high school Whatever it is that would make your session feel like your own, I’m a full-on supporter, and am here to help you achieve that every step of the way. Whatever you’re wanting documented— it’s worth being captured in a way that will bring back all the feels for generations to come. I want you to be able to look back at these photos for decades and feel the love and beauty you felt in that moment. I want them to be meaningful to you. I want them to showcase your truth your essence. Because that’s what this is REALLY all about.

04. Invest In Memories

I want photography to be more than something on your checklist of things to do for your milestone in your life. You don’t realize it now while you’re so focused on daily life, and who’s dating who, and what others are saying— but photography is really the only thing that captures your milestones in life. The number one thing I hear from individuals who went cheap on photos for their event in their life is how much they regretted it. Photographs are something that will only increase in value over time as the images get passed down for generations. If you’re shopping around just trying to find the cheapest deal, trust me, I’m not that. And that’s okay, because you deserve to have a photographer that will fit all of your wants and needs— including your budget. I’m passionate about capturing individuals who believe in the value of meaningful, authentic photographs that will last a lifetime.

05. Here To Help You

I will always be here to answer any questions you may have! Besides the annual consultation call I send out client welcome guides, questionaries and always up to help you with outfit ideas.